Welcome to web portal Unicode Productions, CA, here you will learn about our products and services.  We are a company based in Venezuela and an office in Germany. Soon we will start our operations in the United States of America

UNICODE PRODUCTIONS, C.A. inside of the world the Audiovisual television, advertising and events high-end companies and institutions world, you need a highly trained and technology in the management and use of tecnology equipment. Camera operators usually recorded at own discretion; however, when the event is carried out in-situ and need to output images that will be broadcast live, the figure of a filmmaker is essential to coordinate the different planes of cameras and video or images arranged for the event.

Currently we have teams of mixing live video image, this means that you can transmit images with multi-camera, and also insert videos that help improve the visual quality of the event. The multi-camera concept allows for different points of view or interact with several scenarios simultaneously. With a laptop, the embodiment allows control to be placed in any available space. Our cameras Panasonic HC X1000E with 4k and Sony Z7U and FX1000 HD DVR HD picture quality assure in 1980 and 1080 lines of resolution, and our latest addition to the GoPro Black edition of high definition that allows us to get where before a standard camera could not reach.

The production of an event be planning ahead, the Pre-Production is essential if the end result is optimal. All parameters and decisions are set in the Pre-Production, here  are taken all aspects necessary to perform an audiovisual production; taking into account all the elements present in space, lighting, acoustics and most importantly the time required for assembly of equipment.

Together with the client, the script and schedule, we prepared the organizing all the production plan, very necessary especially when working with protocols or television time.

Once the Pre-Production, Production assembly takes place; following the script and schedule, the director will be responsible for conducting and commissioning screen every audiovisual elements airing in the event, in perfect coordination with the rest of the characters and / or activities staging.

In the event that production does not require implementation of a control, or in other cases, the production is an social event,  we offer to you the realization of an institutional video, commercial for television or TV program; we have the services of Post-Production, which improves the visual quality of the captured material. Most programs, series and TV commercials, are enhanced in post-production, to increase the quality of them. This creates sub-realistic environments, combining of colors, introduce visual and sound effects, all together, they make your product or event be unforgettable.

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