Products and Services

The following is a brief overview of the services provided by UNICODE PRODUCTIONS CA, we are dedicated to the production of audiovisual for television, radio, print and corporate media, but we also offer all kinds Tarimas event production, lighting, sound and animation. We have all the elements to make to your company a product with POP materials and reproduction of your logos in any format.

Among the services we highlight offer:

Direction of Audiovisual: 

        - Pre-Production, Production, Direction, Direction and Post-production (editing)
             - 2D and 3D Animation
             - Corporate and institutional Videos
             - Web Pages

Advertising Audiovisual:

             - Advertising Spots for cinema and TV
             - Spot for Television
             - Micros for screens and presentations

Print: Design and Art

             - Banners, Vinyl and Fabric of High Quality format
             - Magazines
             - POP Material: shirts, bags, bags, pens, glasses, plates, etc.
             - Playing flyers, posters and more.

Outdoor Advertising Design and Art

             - Corporeal Letters (Metal or Aluminum)
             - Racks and light boxes
             - Billboards, Banners and billboards

Production and Radio Advertising:

             - Jingles Production
             - Production Program
             - Recording in studio

Direction and Production of Events

             - Media Management
             - Platforms
             - Lighting and sound
             - Cameras and Displays
             - Animation (Host or hostess), dance groups
             - Catering Services
             - Logistics General